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Leadership & Knowledge For Global Impact About Us


Pinnacle College Ghana (established by Stephen Ogum in June 2015 in the heart of New Achimota) is a private Tertiary Institution which provides relevant academic and professional Training in the areas of Language Proficiency, business administration, ICT and management.

It is an Institution with equal access for male and female environment. Currently the college operates three(3) departments: English Language Literacy, ICT and Business Administration. Nationals from neighboring African Countries such as Congo, Benin, Togo, Equatorial Guinea, Cote D’voire, Burkina Faso, Nigeria and Guinea form part of the student population.


Our core values include Leadership, Integrity, Excellence, Tolerance, Innovation, Respect.

At Pinnacle College, we are committed to:

  • encouraging continuous, independent intellectual development, critical thinking and making constructive analysis, ingenuity and objectivity within appropriate ethical and moral standards
  • Providing a very conducive learning environment that fosters mutual relationships between staff and students
  • Producing leaders who are able to seek improved solutions and impact positively on society living an indelible footprint worthy of emulation
  • Being at the cutting edge of modern business management techniques and practices
  • Identification of talented people, appointing and retaining them and empowering them to realize their dreams
  • The appreciation of the political, sociocultural, ideological and intellectual diversity of every individual and the ability to coexist harmoniously in a culturally diverse setting
  • The uniqueness and advancement of every personality


We have competent and pundit staff who are ever ready to assist student to reach their academic pinnacle.


  • National Board for Professional and Technical Examinations (NABPTEX)
  • Ghana Education Service (GES)
  • ICM (UK)
  • OBP (UK)
  • ACCA (GH)




Our school is formed on ground breaking teaching methodologies and engaged with rapidly growing industry sectors to prepare our students to be innovative, ethical, responsible and responsive


In pursuit of this Mission, the college is guided by the following Core Principles and Objectives:

  • To instill value, self-esteem and the ability to contribute to society in a professional and successful manner.


  • To provide a caring, nurturing learning environment that promotes academic excellence, critical thinking, the appreciation of diversity, and to instill a desire within our graduates to continue the learning process throughout their lifetimes.
  • To employ only qualified and dedicated faculty members who possess both educational and related experience in the fields that they teach.


  • To encourage their continued professional development, and support of the college’s mission, purpose and objectives.


  • To support our students in their studies by means of tutorial services, academic advisement, student financial support and employment assistance to all alumni.


  • To provide our students with a facility that offers progressive technologies and equipment inclusive of a learning and resource center.
  • To remain committed to a policy of academic freedom so that faculty may explore and disseminate new knowledge without fear of reprisal or reprimand


  • To provide programs that meet the needs of the community while consistently reviewing the curriculum ensuring that the applicable skills and knowledge acquired will result in employment goals